Principal Message

Principal Message

Welcome to Sony Academy

Education means not to develop a student only intellectually but also spiritually so that he could be enable to take right decision at the right time. In present education system a student is a center or present education system is child centric and a teacher is a facilitator.

A teacher is supposed to deal with a student like an elder brother It does not leave any scope for any kind of verbal or corporal punishment. Teacher should make effort lovingly & ideally to bring out the hidden treasure of talent of his student as well as to inculcate human values as kindness love compassion. Empathy and respect for self and others.

Today it’s not the only object to educate a child but to imbibe such qualities like , love, commitment & respect for everyone are equally essential responsible & aware towards society country teachers & parents.

Mr. Krishan Gopal Mishra

Principal, Sony Academy Bharatpur.