Director Desk

From Director's Desk

I congratulate you on stepping into the portals of Sony Education Group, an institution 'Built by Excellence, Backed by Experience'. The School in its Endeavour to ensure competence at all levels of education, intends to maintain high standards in terms of teaching-learning, research, faculty and infrastructure.

The reputation of an institution of higher learning is based on the character and performance of individuals who work and live in it, the teachers and students; There can be distractions and setbacks in the making of an institution. There can be challenges which may appear formidable. But, those who have the will, determination and perseverance shall overcome the difficulties and attain higher levels of achievement in the pursuit of excellence. This is the lesson of history which Sony Education Group has assimilated in its work culture.

“ Today's Students can put dope in their veins or hope in their brains . If they can conceive it & believe it, they can achieve it. They must know it's not their aptitude but their attitude that will determine their altitude”

Being the inheritors of the culture of an institution, the students are its real torch bearers and legacy holders. As their mentors, supporters, guides and philosophers, we always strive to make them pillars of strength for generations to come so that they continue to hold aloft the repute of the School.

I am absolutely sure that as always, the learning process initiated by this institution would be sacredly followed by the students and they would establish themselves as separate identities. I believe my students would do us, their nation and the kingdom of womanhood proud. I am hopeful that the School will scale new heights of glory in its onward march.

As an old proverb says –

“ Students must have initiative , they should not be mere imitators, they must learn to think & act for themselves & be free. “ ( Cesar Chavez )

Welcome to Sony Academy Group family

Mr. Vikas Sony,

Director, Sony Education Group.