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The World’s Best Education in Our School

Sony Education Group is a educational Institutes Group which is run by Sony Shikshan Samiti, Bharatpur Registered By Rajasthan Govt. under the Registration No. 1/BPR/1999-2000 Dated 06 April 1999. The Samiti has a deep commitment to the cause of education. The trust has provided gorgeous infrastructure with large green playfields. A finest possible team has been put together in the school. Each member shares this commitment and lives by it.

Sony Academy Public Senior Secondary School is a co-educational, English Medium School set up in 07 July 2008 and affiliated to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer., The School Registration No. is aff./9854/2008/R-2749-2779

The finest possible team has been put together in the school. Each member shares this commitment and lives by it.

It is a child oriented school, which provides opportunities for skill based activities that contribute to the development of an all round personality, through nurturing values of tolerance, understanding and cooperation we prepare the children to become worthy citizens of a multicultural nation.

The students are given opportunities to develop qualities of responsibility, determination & perseverance that play a crucial role in building a sense of self discipline. Thus we seek to prepare each child to assume the responsibilities of leadership as well as the ability to work in a team.

Educational Philosophy

Sony Education Group, synonymous with excellence in education equips its pupils with all the requisite skills to be tomorrow's leaders with a critical and global outlook. The children are exposed to intellectual and social experiences that are unique in their richness of quality, variety, relevance and depth. The focus is on the three-fold development of children in all the three domains namely cognitive (intellectual), affective (emotional & social) and psychomotor (physical).

Our Features

Effective Instruction

Teachers organize flexible and purposeful groups that are based on children's instructional needs.

Reading opportunities

They read daily with partners, in groups, and independently at school and at home.

Variety of assessment tools

Teachers and administrators, who regard assessment as informative, select and administer assessments according to the needs of individual students.

Positive campus climate

Some aspects of positive campus climate like Attractive and book rich environment, Positive staff, Curricular decisions, Student attitudes

Professional development

Teachers take part in frequent, relevant and continuous professional development that focuses the needs of all students.

Administrative practices

In the professional development process, administrators help teachers focus on the performance of their students.